Baby food craft ideas

Are you interested in baby food jar crafts? There are many ideas for recycling baby food jars. This has to be my all time favorite use of a baby food bowl. I’ve shared this idea with several of my friends and they also said it was a complete hit with their baby. It’s very simple.

  • Simply collect each lid from each jar, whether that’s a baby food jar or a pasta sauce pot lid.
  • Put them in the dishwasher and sterilize them.
  • Then fill a large plastic jar with these lids. I buy my rice in a large plastic jar and this is perfect for collecting the lids.

When my baby was less than 7 months old, he loved to grab the covers and bang them together. He discovered it rolled over and then began stacking it up. It was perfect for his first fist.

At about 7 months he started putting them all back one by one in the plastic jar.

At about 11 months old he would love to turn the plastic jar over and try to flip all the lids over and then of course put them back on again.

When he was about 14 months old, he started using the lids for cooking.

Now at 21 months old he is still playing with the lids of the baby food jars.

We once borrowed a toy from a friend because Jamie liked to play with it so much in her house. When I asked her if there was a toy Jamie had that she wanted to borrow, she said “Actually can I get some baby food jar lids”.

The most fun games are usually free and in our house all the time.

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