Health is wealth

There is one sentence like this, health is our greatest wealth, and when we know that the sentence is absolutely true, then health is the wealth that cannot be compared to anything in this world. I wish we had that much money, any of our health if we bothered, what in this life, right? Therefore, this life must be balanced and we must maintain everything we eat every day. One of the ways we can do to keep our bodies healthy is to adopt a method of consuming plant foods every single day.

Research findings in the UK in 1987 stated that 3.5 million Britons are vegetarian. They are mostly vegan teens between the ages of 16 and 21. Here’s the question, why did they turn away from the meat-eating tradition? And why would they replace them with baked beans, fried vegetables, and fruitcakes? According to the results of this research, it is about education in schools. The biology class discusses the use of animals in scientific research. Some of them felt that the treatment of animals in biological experiments was against humanity. They also learn about the third world i.e. developing and underdeveloped countries, they focus their attention on studying hunger in Africa. Many young people have a sense of sociality and therefore feel that eating meat is a sign of greed and excessive wealth. But they have a complicated case.

School in the UK starts from 09.00 to 15:30, so children always eat lunch at school. There are sandwiches that carry lunch but there was a cafeteria lunch or a type of meal determined by the school kitchen. The food served was almost always overcooked, tasteless, and often in the form of a meat pie with chunks of cheap meat. In recent years, this cafeteria tongue has been introducing children to foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. Then how does the new vegan food school handle? Almost all over England these days there is a campaign about healthy food. The campaign recommends that vegetarian food should be eaten at school. In one south-eastern region, 20% of young people choose not to eat meat, but in the north of England, children are reluctant to remove sausages to replace them with vegetables. The campaign can work, said the local authorities there. Both parents, toddlers and children need to get an explanation about the advantages of eating healthy plant-based foods. And after factoring in the price of beans, vegetables are much cheaper than meat. Some students at the university became vegetarians, because they could not afford meat. They must manage the money given by the government during his lecture. The money they get is sometimes not enough, even the sometimes cash-strapped students.

A student named Ruth Pace tried to combine his favorite vegetarian meal with a class at school. For testing at the end of school exams, give vegetarian food. It is difficult for him to find combinations of foods that meet the exam criteria, but he was able to provide an appetizing vegetarian menu. This meal includes apricot and almond fruitcake, rye bread rolls with bean sprouts, and cream pies. Not a single plate contains meat or animal ingredients. Ruth was so happy to hear that he passed the test. Because it has proven that vegetarian food is healthy food and can stimulate appetite. Nothing will be displayed here without grouping foods that contain animals.

To have balanced nutrition every day, we have to incorporate the smart foods that we eat every day, from green vegetables, nuts, fruits and other plant foods. Therefore, health is very expensive, so taking care of our health is a good thing.

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