Is social media hurting my capability to learn the Bible? – TGC Africa

Is social media hurting my ability to read the Bible?  - TGC Africa

I simply completed watching a Netflix documentary,A social dilemma. It highlights the consequences of social media on its customers. Many observations are fairly alarming. However what turns into clear is that we’re not unchanged shoppers of some impartial media. As one interviewee stated, social media just isn’t a instrument simply ready for use. It has its personal objectives and has its personal means to attain them. That purpose or objective is to revenue out of your consideration.

Reality: Social media shapes us

The purpose or objective of social media is to revenue out of your consideration.

In an effort to obtain this, you’re programmed on a deeper degree. By programmed, the respondent implies that social media actively shapes your view of the world, your likes and dislikes, hopes and fears. How and what we eat on social media platforms akin to Instagram, Twitter, and Fb is definitely altering us. It adjustments our notion and even our persona.

This made me surprise: Does social media have an effect on my research of God’s phrase? Though maybe a extra sincere query could be: How does social media have an effect on my studying of the Bible? As a result of it looks as if a foregone conclusion that social media impacts us on numerous ranges.

The social media we eat really adjustments us. It adjustments our notion and even our persona

So how does it have an effect on me spiritually?

As a Christian this can be a key query. As a result of my maturity and non secular progress are inextricably linked to time spent desirous about the Bible. We’re sanctified by the reality of God’s phrase (John 17:17). We grow to be what we have a look at, and the Bible says that we see Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 3:18). Due to this fact, if we wish to grow to be like Him, we should look to Him. Passing glances and pointless scrolling merely will not do. As one biblical creator writes, we should repair our eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:2).

Social media is stealing my time

The primary impact of social media on Bible studying is simple to see. It is taking on my time. Scrolling by means of social media consumes treasured minutes the identical approach an airplane consumes gas. It is exhausting to be on social media for a couple of minutes. The novelty it consistently provides makes the passage of time virtually imperceptible. It is like having a deeply ecstatic dialog with a good friend. Solely this good friend speaks in phrases, footage, movies, memes and GIFs.

Passing glances and pointless scrolling merely will not do. We should repair our eyes on Jesus.

It positively retains me away from studying the Holy Scriptures. Lots of time that I may have beforehand invested in prayerful intercession concerning the Bible has been wasted. Worse, the time I spend studying Scripture is damaged up into small five-minute chunks by notifications interrupting me from my cellphone.

Social media shapes the best way I learn

Nevertheless, I’ve seen one other, much less express impact of social media on my Bible studying. It is not solely what it does to my time, but additionally to my thoughts. Not simply my willingness to learn the Bible, however my capability to grasp it. Sure, social networks steal my time. However it concurrently weakens my dedication and focus whereas finding out the Bible. It dulls my capability to meaningfully meditate on the reality and clouds my eyes from seeing the sweetness in it. That is maybe an excellent higher tragedy than the misplaced hours. Poor readers create impoverished desirous about God-inspired reality.

Social media not solely eats up my time but additionally my thoughts

God has providentially determined to convey all that I can find out about him by means of his written, impressed phrases. The Bible is made up of phrases, phrases, sentences and paragraphs. Life, pleasure and peace are present in studying, pondering and making use of these written truths. Paul tells Timothy, take into consideration this stuff and the Lord offers you understanding (2 Timothy 2:7). Due to this fact understanding is given to these:

  • who can assume deeply
  • which overflow the arguments and logic of the Holy Scriptures
  • prepared to present phrases a second, third and fourth look
  • who emphasize and meditate on obvious tensions, making an attempt to resolve them
  • who delight within the meticulous element of biblical narratives

Social media makes issues shallow

Evaluate this to my social media scrolling. Within the latter, the precise reverse is inspired and rewarded. I do not research the tweet, desirous about its veracity and context. Moreover, we battle to assume deeply about this rapid-fire content material as a result of our eyes ignore the demarcations between brief posts. I am at all times within the following. Nonetheless ready. What I checked out 2 minutes in the past is already outdated and irrelevant in comparison with what awaits me and the following swipe of my thumb.

Lightness brings pleasure. The depth and weight require an excessive amount of work.

So I oblige and scroll down solely to satisfy one other tweet. There may be completely no correlation between the 2. The primary was the tragic information a couple of site visitors accident with a deadly final result. Subsequent is a humorous video of a small little one tripping over a step. Two conditions, at reverse ends of the human expertise that my thoughts processes virtually concurrently. My thoughts, designed to assume and really feel deeply, is little greater than a bottomless pit of data that’s in the end meaningless.

Since I can not mourn the lifeless and take into consideration the fragility of life, nor snicker heartily on the clumsiness of two-year-olds and luxuriate in the great thing about the mundane, I’ll determine to watch all this from the hand. I’ll commit, typically unconsciously, to residing within the shallows. There isn’t a must assume too deeply about phrases, ideas or occasions. Lightness brings pleasure. The depth and weight require an excessive amount of work.

Now I come to the Bible ill-equipped

Once I transfer from this to the Bible, I’m much less and fewer geared up to dig deep. I discarded the instruments wanted for private Bible research together with my time lazily scrolling by means of social media. I’m slowly satisfied that cautious considering, wrestling with the textual content and sluggish studying are pointless for me to grasp.

I additionally get impatient when my studying does not repay instantly. I’ve been so uncovered to the sunshine, the fleeting and the momentary that I merely don’t have the correct ability to take care of the heavy, the everlasting and the everlasting. However the Bible doesn’t impress from the entrance. As a substitute, it delivers items by means of exhausting work.

I have been so uncovered to the sunshine and the instant that I simply do not have the correct ability to take care of the heavy and the everlasting.

Ought to I simply surrender?

So what do I like to recommend? Quit on social media? Not. Though some may have it. The occasional social media publish? Most likely not a foul process. I hope we will all decide to rethinking the best way we strategy the Bible and social media.

We must always ask ourselves if we strategy social media primarily as Bible readers or vice versa. It’s inevitable that what we do shapes who we grow to be. What’s the main shaping consider our lives? What makes up the lens by means of which we view the world?

Handle social media, grow to be a greater Bible reader

Lastly, I wish to provide three sensible aids for private studying of the Bible:

1. Enable your self to be bored

A part of the reason for our rampant use of social media is the concern of boredom. In any respect prices, we keep away from the silent and perceived inactivity discovered offline. We fill our lives with fixed buzzing, beeping and notifications. Nevertheless, in moments when we’re not uncovered to the frequent doses of dopamine that social media offers us, we’re capable of assume deeply about what we imagine in and what we maintain expensive.

Solely once we let the customarily troubled waters of our hearts settle can we see what lies on the backside.

Solely once we let the customarily troubled waters of our hearts settle can we see what lies on the backside and apply the gospel the place it’s most wanted. Then we will start to retrain ourselves for steady research, reflection, and contemplation. To our shock and delight, we’ll uncover that this lifestyle brings peace, wealth and stability that social media by no means may.

2. Learn nice books

If what I stated above is true, then it’s not solely what we learn that issues, but additionally how what we learn is offered. The type of what we set earlier than us shapes us. For this reason studying nice books will be helpful and positively formative. Nice books assist us delve deeply into character and tradition, make knowledgeable ethical judgments, and rejoice within the triumph of fine over evil. This could be a good preparation for our hearts to obtain the best e-book. Studying nice books will prepare you to learn the Bible the best way swimming in a lake trains you to swim within the ocean.

Let your timeline push you towards Scripture, not away from it.

3. Designate your meals for non secular meals

Lastly, you may wish to contemplate infusing your social media timelines with content material that offers with Scripture or Christian reality and theology. As a substitute of utilizing social media primarily for leisure, you should use it to develop in areas the place you lack. Let the timeline push you towards Scripture, not away from it.

Keep on with your God-given objectives

Our objective on earth is to glorify God. Our time and minds are items from God. They have to be directed in direction of this purpose.

Social media platforms and corporations have objectives and means to attain them. If we’re shoppers, then it’s of their finest curiosity to mould us into worthwhile, simply distracted and tireless shoppers. However Christians have their very own God-given objectives and gracious means to attain them. Our objective on earth is to glorify God. Our time and minds are items from God. They have to be directed in direction of this purpose.

On extra events than we might care to confess, we permit social media to steal and form these items. I hope we will sit and see this and search for methods to reclaim them and redirect them to the glory of God.

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