Terraria: Therapeutic objects, ranked

Terraria: Healing items, ranked

Well being is a very powerful stat in all of Terraria – positive, injury is vital for taking down bosses sooner, however with out well being, you may often be scattered round your newly constructed boss arenas. HP administration is crucial to keep away from dropping hard-earned objects, which is why there are numerous methods to completely improve your well being and improve your pure regeneration fee.

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However when pure regeneration is not sufficient, therapeutic objects come alongside to maintain you alive that for much longer – some are almost ineffective at restoring well being, whereas others will be so efficient that it is in your greatest curiosity to fill up as quickly as you’ll be able to.

13 Life Fruit and Crystal

Fruit of Life and Crystal of Life from Terraria, side by side

Make no mistake – Life Fruit and Life Crystal are indisputably the 2 greatest objects in Terraria. The issue is that while you attempt to use them as therapeutic objects, you will see that they’re no match for the opposite choices.

The vital flaw of these things is twofold: while you’ve absolutely upgraded your max well being, they can not heal you, and when you’ll be able to truly use them, their therapeutic is corresponding to that of a mushroom. It is most likely greatest to let these hidden hearts enhance your well being as a substitute of restoring it.

12 Bottled water

A bottle of water from Terraria

Water is essentially the most primary type of therapeutic you should use – endlessly accessible and barely helpful. The quantity of well being restored is depressing even with out upgrading your HP, and it nonetheless will get the complete potion illness impact when used.

However at worst, when you’re determined, water could be a good enhance to your pure regeneration when you’re in a pinch – you may get extra in any physique of water pretty simply, so there isn’t any actual price to utilizing it.

11 Mushroom

Mushroom from the terrarium

Mushrooms are the primary therapeutic merchandise on this listing price holding a spot in your stock. They’re particularly good for the primary hour of play, they supply a little bit of therapeutic, and so they’re really easy to gather that they will occur with no second thought.

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What places it forward of limitless bottled water is that it heals at a sooner fee – it is because it has a shorter potion impact period, rising how typically you should use it to heal.

10 Small therapeutic potion

Small healing potion from Terraria

Because it’s pretty low cost to make and restores an honest quantity of well being, Lesser Therapeutic Potion is a good possibility while you’re first settling into your world. With no well being enhance, this potion heals half of your well being pool, making it useful resource environment friendly for early boss fights.

Because it can be present in chests, the minor therapeutic potion is very easy to seek out that you just will not really feel responsible about spending it freely, making it a very good well being merchandise to make use of outdoors of fight after getting entry to raised choices.

9 Egg most cancers

Terraria Egg Filler

The Egg Filler is a particular merchandise that you could solely get from items throughout Christmas occasions, relying on the context of whether or not this merchandise is helpful. Nevertheless, when you play throughout this era you may get it, it is a straightforward to get therapeutic merchandise that is ok to warrant searching for it out.

Though its therapeutic is ultimately outmatched by an merchandise that’s simpler to constantly get hold of, Eggnog is the hardest of the beginning therapeutic objects accessible. However when you’re not within the Christmas temper, you may wish to keep on with the standard drinks.

8 Therapeutic potion

Healing potion from Terraria

The therapeutic potion is right for any mid-level participant, requiring barely extra sources than its little brother, however giving much more well being as a trade-off. Since it might utterly fill a non-upgraded well being bar, this potion is nice to make use of when you may have your again in opposition to the wall.

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Therapeutic potions can be present in Dungeon containers earlier than Hardmode and regular containers after defeating the wall of flesh, making them comparatively widespread objects which may require a bit extra thought earlier than utilizing.

7 An odd drink

A strange potion from Terraria

Unusual Brew will be obtained from the Skeleton Service provider for 5 silver, making it an merchandise you most likely will not get an excessive amount of of except you are particularly in search of it. It lives as much as its title by offering various quantities of well being, illness potions, and invulnerability after consumption.

Whereas it is not essentially the most constant methodology of therapeutic, the flexibility to achieve a shorter potable illness period and better well being restoration makes Unusual Brew helpful in sure circumstances; and since you may get fortunate with the occasional short-term invulnerability, you may maintain your well being that for much longer.

6 Potion of life pressure

Potion of Vitality from Terraria

Lifeforce Potion barely edges out Unusual Brew as a consequence of its scalable well being regeneration, which may give you 20 % of your most well being in addition to a short lived well being enhance with out inflicting the potion illness.

Whereas Lifeforce Potion does a terrific job of restoring well being, the buff worth of the potion is usually too nice for the merchandise for use so frivolously. Whereas it could be wonderful in a panic state of affairs, Lifeforce Potion ought to most likely be saved for significantly powerful bossfights.

5 honey fin

Honeyfin from Terraria

Honey Fin is the best therapeutic merchandise earlier than Hardmode, obtained completely by fishing in honey ponds. Whereas it is not the quickest pre-Hardmode merchandise to amass, it is easy sufficient to get that it’s best to all the time have not less than just a few in your stock as your well being bar grows.

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Since you can also make seafood dinners with honeyfin, getting them to make use of as therapeutic objects is twice as environment friendly – fishing is quite a bit much less time consuming than making an attempt to get your arms on completely different components to make an inferior therapeutic potion.

4 Honey in bottles

Bottled honey from Terraria

Bottled Honey is essentially the most helpful therapeutic merchandise within the recreation – whereas there are objects which are higher for his or her sheer potential to maintain you alive, Bottled Honey is so wealthy whereas restoring an honest quantity of well being that it’s best to absolutely fill your stock which is as quickly as attainable.

Not like the marginally stronger Honeyfin, Bottled Honey will be immediately crafted with empty bottles whereas standing close to a pool of honey – this course of doesn’t cut back the extent of the honey pool, making this merchandise functionally limitless.

3 Restoration potion

Restoration potion from Terraria

Whereas not almost as plentiful as honey flasks, a restoration potion can heal greater than a honey fin over an extended time frame – it is because it heals solely barely much less well being, and provides a a lot shorter potion period.

For those who do not heal each time your ailment potion ends, the Honeyfin is total simpler at restoring your well being – however in the case of occasions that unleash hordes of enemies that continuously injury you, the restoration potion will certainly maintain you alive even longer.

2 Higher therapeutic potion

Greater healing potion from Terraria

The Higher Therapeutic Potion is the arduous equal of the Lesser Therapeutic Potion, utterly overshadowing it by being simply as simple to craft whereas therapeutic way over any pre-Hardmode potion. It’s primarily composed of supplies discovered within the Hallow biome, making it a harmful commodity well worth the danger.

Even higher, you get three bigger therapeutic potions with every ability, making them simple to fill up on shortly – with dedication, you will be nicely ready for many of the boss fights you may see in Hardmode.

1 Tremendous medicinal drink

A super healing potion from Terraria

It is no massive shock {that a} potion that heals for 200 HP is taken into account the perfect within the recreation, nevertheless it truly needed to struggle for its place on the high – since you’ll be able to’t make a Tremendous Therapeutic Potion with out lunar supplies, it is a lot tougher to make than the ever-useful Higher Therapeutic Potion.

What pushes this potion over the edge regardless of its hefty price ticket is that it is particularly helpful for the hardest boss fights within the recreation – no, you should not use this potion to heal common injury, nevertheless it comes into play while you’re coping with enemies that may tear you aside your well being even when you may have the strongest gear within the recreation.

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