The biblical case for dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark

The biblical case for dinosaurs on Noah's Ark

Of all of the arguments that Bible believers have ever handled in opposition to accepting the Genesis account of Noah’s ark and the good flood as clearly written, probably the most incessantly heard are people who one way or the other contain the theme of dinosaurs.

For instance, whereas many (not all) will admit that every one others are totally different air-breathing animals species may have match on the ark, some suppose, nevertheless it actually could not have included these large dinosaurs!

Or even when they’re prepared to imagine within the historicity of a world flood about 4,500 years in the past, they are saying that dinosaurs wouldn’t have been a part of the burden, as a result of science says that dinosaurs died out 65 million years earlier.

Delving deeper, we hear biblical skeptics questioning how dinosaurs may have been prevented from wreaking havoc on the ark, as depicted in films like Jurassic Parkor ask questions like,

If people and dinosaurs coexisted on the time of the flood, why have not we discovered their fossilized stays collectively?

And if the dinosaurs got here out of the ark after that, should not there be recorded descriptions of the individuals who interacted with them, together with the biblical account?

Moreover, what occurred to the dinosaurs? Why did they die out in the event that they existed after the flood just a few thousand years in the past?

We’ll be working our manner by means of these and plenty of different associated subjects over the subsequent few weeks, however first, let’s reply the obvious query earlier than we get into the weeds. As a result of many may say, why even trouble entering into them if you do not have to?

The biblical case for dinosaurs on the ark

Even many Christians may marvel why anybody would even argue that dinosaurs needed to be on Noah’s ark. And the reply is easy: as a result of it’s a logical deduction from a easy studying of the biblical textual content. The Bible clearly states that God created all the pieces out of nothing in six days.

As a result of in six days the Lord created the heavens and the earth, the ocean and all the pieces in them, and on the seventh day they rested. (Exodus 20:11)

Now it’s evident that there is no such thing as a time allowed earlier than these six days as a result of the primary verse of Bible says: To start with, God created the heavens and the earth, and it’s logical that there was nothing earlier than the start. It’s also fairly evident that there is no such thing as a hole of time that may be inserted between or stretched over today of creation.

In context, the Hebrew phrase for day in Genesis 1 (yom), refers to 6 days of 24 hours. Anytime it seems elsewhere within the Outdated Testomony with the phrases night and morning or with a quantity (such because the second day, sixth day, and so forth.), it all the time refers to a 24-hour day. So there is no such thing as a precedent in Bible for perception God mentioned something aside from what the textual content clearly signifies.

Exodus 20:11 even goes on to say: Due to this fact the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and sanctified it, in relation to how God created throughout six actual days and rested on the seventh, which is a sample exhibiting how folks also needs to work six actual days and have a day of relaxation.

It’s also apparent that the Bible is totally clear all he created God. And naturally that would come with dinosaurs.

Every thing was made by him and nothing was made that was made with out him. (John 1:3)

Man and land animals dwell collectively

Now, the detailed historical past revealed within the creation the account tells us that every one creatures dwelling on land had been created on the sixth day creation week identical day God made Adam and Eve. Due to this fact, with out the affect of sources exterior the Scriptures, it’s clear that dinosaurs (solely land animals) had been created together with man.

Additionally, Genesis 69 clearly states that two of every sort of land animal (seven pairs of some) boarded the ark and disembarked after the flood. And since there may be nothing to point that any type of land animals had already died out earlier than the flood, it’s logical to conclude that dinosaurs had been a part of the cargo transported on the ship.

Now, if we want to see what Hebrew students may imagine on this topic, see the next quote from the late James Barr, former Oriel Professor of Scriptural Interpretation on the College of Oxford in England. Observe that Barr was a non-Christian and, in step with his neo-orthodox views, didn’t imagine that Genesis was true historical past, he merely utilized his life expertise and understood what the Hebrew clearly teaches (and what 99% of each Bible model [excluding certain study notes] clearly says).

There may be most likely not, so far as I do know, a professor of Hebrew or Outdated Testomony at any world-class college who doesn’t imagine that the author(s) of Genesis 111 meant to convey to their readers the concept that (one) creation occurred over a sequence of six days that had been the identical because the 24-hour days we now expertise; (b) the figures contained within the genealogies of Genesis give by easy addition the chronology from the start of the world to the later phases within the biblical story; (c) Noah’s flood was thought to have been worldwide and to have destroyed all human and animal life besides these within the ark.1

So, regardless of the makes an attempt of many modern theologians to overturn what the overwhelming majority of church fathers, reformers and common Christian realized that Genesis 111 clearly means a whole bunch of years, it’s nonetheless fairly clear to those that perceive what the unique Hebrew clearly says.

Bypassing the issue

As a substitute of coping with the logical implications and questions that naturally come up from these conclusions (which we’ll tackle in upcoming articles), many Christians have adopted the tactic of attempting to avoid them.

These techniques most frequently contain merely accepting an evolutionary timeline that features supposed hundreds of thousands of years of Earth historical past and declaring that the dinosaurs died out lengthy earlier than the flood and subsequently wouldn’t have been a part of the package deal ready by Noah and his household, thus negating the necessity for any type of apologetics ( mental protection of religion) yr.

Nevertheless, nevertheless well-intentioned these makes an attempt might seem on the floor, they arrive at an enormous theological value that’s fairly harmful to your complete biblical narrative (together with the gospel) when taken to its logical conclusions. How is that?

Price calculation

First, we find out about dinosaurs due to their fossils, that are discovered together with billions of different creatures in sedimentary layers throughout the earth. That is, after all, a loss of life report.

The Bible clearly states that the wages of sin is loss of life (Romans 6:23, emphasis added), and that sin and loss of life (each bodily and religious) are poured into creation at a sure level due to Adam’s rise up in opposition to God.

We learn this not solely within the account of Genesis, but in addition within the New Testomony.

Due to this fact, simply as sin got here into the world by one man, and loss of life by sin, so loss of life unfold to all folks as a result of all of them sinned. (Romans 5:12)

God states that the world he created was superb upon its completion on the sixth day, and subsequently there might be no loss of life and struggling (as we see within the fossil report) earlier than or in the course of the six days creation. And the autumn of man didn’t have an effect on solely people, each people and nature collectively sigh longing to be free of the results sin.

For we all know that every one creation groans collectively within the pains of childbirth till now. (Romans 8:22)

Actually, we even see illnesses like most cancers discovered within the fossil report (together with inside dinosaur fossils), so these fossils can not have been created earlier than Godwith the assertion that all the pieces was superb, as a result of clearly most cancers will not be superb.

And the autumn of Adam (and the next fall of all creation) occurred. after relaxation day. In brief, there was no loss of life or corruption creation in the past sin entered when Adam fell.

Genesis 1:2930 goes on to elucidate that to start with each beasts and people ate vegetation (that are technically not alive in the identical sense as people and animals) for sustenance, but the fossil report comprises proof of creatures consuming one another. That is clearer proof that these carnivorous occasions (inferred from what the fossils clearly present) had been recorded and captured within the rocks after sin and loss of life entered into creation as a result of Adams’ fall.

And that’s the reason Bible-believing Christians in the course of the first 1,800 years of the church nearly universally held to the concept that the overwhelming majority of the fossil report was created on the time of Noah’s flood, which occurred 1,650 years in the past. after Adam fell and sin and loss of life entered into creation.

It additionally offers that means to the totality of the eschatological profile Bible reveals. The Bible it clearly says that God will someday restore this world to an excellent situation. And the way will or not it’s?

He’ll swallow up loss of life eternally; and the Lord God will wipe away the tears from all faces, and he’ll take away the reproach of his folks from the entire earth, as a result of the Lord has spoken. (Isaiah 25:8)

And there will likely be no extra loss of life, nor will there be mourning, nor moaning, nor ache, as a result of the previous issues have handed away. (Revelation 21:4)

The Bible it’s clear that loss of life will ultimately be eliminated as a result of it was an intrusion into Godsuperb world. It’s not pure as many imagine. It had a particular entry level into creation and will likely be resolved and abolished sooner or later. As 1 Corinthians 15:26 says, the final enemy to be destroyed is loss of life.

Briefly, Bible clearly teaches that God created an excellent world with out loss of life, illness or carnivorous exercise in six literal days. Sin and loss of life turned a part of the world when the primary man, Adam, rebelled in opposition to it God and was punished for his transgression on the time of the autumn (there was no loss of life earlier than Adam sinned).

Due to this fact, the biblically derived, logical conclusion that dinosaurs had been included on Noah’s ark is a query that must be defended Bible-believing Christians who wish to uphold the authority of Scripture as 1 Peter 3:15 instructs us to all the time defend the hope we have now, which is, after all, salvation by means of Jesus Christ.

Defending the theme that dinosaurs had been on Noah’s ark is a matter of biblical authority. We are able to simply take it Bible as clearly written. We do not have to compromise and be inconsistent telling folks they do not should imagine what Bible clearly states in a single space ( creation account, for instance) whereas insisting that we should perceive it as clearly written elsewhere (resembling their want to just accept Christ as their Savior).

Nevertheless, as an alternative of detouring, we should always be capable to give a superb reply to the opposite questions we mentioned earlier. So keep tuned for half 2 Going through the dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark the place we’ll reply How may 65 million-year-old dinosaurs be on the 4500-year-old Noah’s ark?

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